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Hiya, my name is Rachel Capps. I had a stroke in May 2013 aged 41 years old. I did not smoke. I did not drink. A fluke of circumstances left me with a severe brain injury. I awoke after my stroke and I found it hard to blink. I couldn’t move my arms or legs and my swallow was damaged. I needed a trachie and peg to live. 

My family, particularly, my husband’s family, make living at home with my husband and 3 children like normal. My children drive me nuts at times. I figure if I try to yell at them my voice will come back one day. Before my stroke, I ran a successful sole law practice from home. I also ran a hobby business of handmade cards. I also wrote a novel.

I spent 15 months in hospital where I weaned off the trachie and peg. The hospital highly recommended ABI Services as carers on my return home. I must say I highly recommend them too. I want rehab and they provide it in home and ensure I go to my rehab appointments.

But for my stroke, I wouldn’t have met such caring people and I wouldn’t take my stroke back if it meant not meeting my carers and my therapists. I flourish with their help. I now stand on my own with the help of a rail. It’s never easy, every day, but if I keep up rehab it does improve ever so slowly. I gain more independence every week thanks to the help of ABI Services.

They coordinated my purchase of a Sara Steady which revolutionised my independence and made life easier for carers. Win-win. I’d never have known it existed but for ABI Services. For me – words cannot express my gratitude.  

My name is Kevin Luu, and I was a young 20 year old guy when I acquired a severe traumatic brain injury from a road bike accident in 2012. And yes, I was wearing a helmet! During the acute stages from 2012 to 2013, I endured a series of adverse events and procedures such as a cranioplasty after having a craniectomy, an infection, a time in which I was missing half my skull, before the most recent and let’s call it that last cranioplasty!

The writing of this marks the 4th year since the accident, and many, many things have changed. A lot of these changes, were due to the constant support network of my family and friends, but also assistance from Acquired Brain Injury Services after being discharged from the hospital. From the initial stages of my ongoing recovery, ABI has continued to play a significant role in my progress to this very day. At first, I couldn’t comprehend information, let alone do activities of daily living, such as walk around my own household unassisted. ABI had provided daily support, support in which I was able to slowly but gradually regain my independence – tasks ranged from meal preparation to mobilisation, to even recalling day to day events I had difficulties!

The level of support I had received has been adapted to my needs, as I pursue my own goals such as completing Northern Sydney Institute’s courses in my bid to resume my 4 year degree in the Bachelor of Applied Science – Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney this year. ABI has also assisted me in transportation, as I had been training for running events such as the City2Surf, Blackmores Sydney Running Festival and the SMH Half-Marathons.

I believe that ABI has had an enormous impact on my ongoing recovery, by means of assisting my personal goals, helping me strive to achieve them all whilst managing fatigue. Thank you ABI!

Hi, my name is Louise Neary. In 2008 I got my appendix out. They didn’t give me blood thinners, a blood clot lodged into my lungs and I got a hypoxic brain injury. I collapsed at my daughters Kristy’s, my son George was resuscitating me. Thank god for Kristy and George being at the right place at the right time.

My life before my brain injury was perfect. I was very fit and I used to love work, i would drive and see my kids and grandkids all the time.

Everything from before got wiped out. I had to learn everything again like a baby. It took me two years to learn the alphabet, and now I am learning numbers so I can read the time.

ABI have been very good to me. The carers and managers are the best. If it wasn’t for the carers practicing my therapies with me I wouldn’t be where I am today. They have been professional and helpful, and they have put up with me being cheeky. I hope no one goes through what I went/ am going through but if they do I would definitely recommend ABI to help support them, without them I don’t know how I would be.